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DeSotel Family

2015 Subaru wrx

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude with the wonderful service we recently received when purchasing a vehicle at Carafello's These days it is not often that a sales person goes beyond the extra mile to ensure a clients piece of mind and satisfaction. It was a pleasure dealing with the owner Ryan. He took every measure to ensure that his service delivery was impeccable from start to conclusion of the purchase. He took his time and made sure the purchase was right for the customer with no high pressure sales. It is good to know that there are some companies that still believe in good client services. Exceeding the customer satisfaction by providing extras into the vehicle without additional cost, that really meant alot and i have never received such service from other dealers. Carafello's Auto Sales is an amazing dealership and I highly recommend them to everyone.

DeSotel Family

Darrion Washington
Hampton, VA
2014 Ford FUSION

Quality services! I cannot say enough good things about this place. great group of people who have your best interest in mind and take care of you. most definetely will be making my way back here.

raynard kelly

So I came in to help a friend and ended up with a sweet deal on a great car. They helped me find my budget and we found my best options. The sales people were friendly and professional and iI'll definitely be doing business with them again.

Kla-nyene Killen
Norfolk, VA
2015 chrysler 200

I walked in to get myself a newer car, an upgrade from my 2012 Chevy Malibu, and by the time i walked out I had a newer car that I was ecstatic about and a new family that I knew that I could trust in. They worked with me , answered all the questions I had and gave me a deal that I felt comfortable about. The most honest dealership I have ever been to.

Patrick Mendin
Brooklyn Park, MN
2015 Volkswagen Passat


CJ Killeen
Norfolk, VA
2015 Chevy CRUZE

These guys treat you right. They walk you through step by step and don't lie to you about a single thing. Very good customer service here. They treat you like you are family. Prior military guys and know what its like to be on a military paycheck. Even if you don't see what you want, they will try to hook you up. Don't pass these guys up. They will do what is truly best for you.

corey brown
2011 ford FUSION

they r very patient here and very easy to work with

karen burnette
2015 chrysler 200

Can't say enough about what a wonderful dealer this is. Carafello's has helped me learn and grow so much with buying cars. Ryan will tell you just what you need to do and help you start small to get the vehicle that you want. I would never go anywhere else! I am driving away tonight in my 3rd car from him. And they just keep getting better!!!! Thanks Ryan!!!

kyndell polite
norfolk, VA
2008 chrysler 300c

Great place to get a car from if your looking for low and easy payments chad a is the man you want to visit when you go there great for military people looking for their first car.

Tim Fontane
2012 chevy malibu

Great car dealership! Lucky to have found and purchased a car from them. Helped me with everything. Highly recommended. They take great care of the military members. I have never found such honest salesmen. Great place to purchase a nice car especially if you are new in town. I will be buying my next car from this dealership without a doubt! Go Navy!

keven kaylor
franklin, PA
2005 chevy colbalt

Gave me a good deal on this car answered all my questions that I had. when the clutch went they sent me to a place where i got it fixed for their cost and not mine which saved me over 400 dollars. i highly recommend Carafello's. they are great people to deal with.

Sean LaPlante Jr
norfolk, VA
2004 nissan 350z

I came here my first time in 2013 of november and bought my first car which was a Honda Accord. i checked two dealerships to compare cost and Carafellos was the only place that had the best deal all around the table. i didnt have any troubles with the car for the first 40 thousand miles and the most problems i ever had was just brake pads and a caliper. i turned to carafellos for some help and guidance, they booked me an immediate check up on the car and immediately got it fixed for me no charge in one day. ive never seen any dealership,or any human beings who went as far as to fix a car but more importantly some one who actually takes care of their customers and in the end still offers help if anything goes wrong. its my understanding of just being around them they welcome all customers as family and friends for those who are just strangers. when i asked one salesman Chad Carafello what made him want to continue, his reply was their smiles. call me crazy if you want but the seriousness and the way he sternly sid it there was no doubt the things they do for people isnt for anything but a love and compassion for a customer to walk off the lot with the greatest life event such as getting their first car or as much as to trade in their car for the literally the best deals. my self being in the navy i have atleast 15 people that were on my ship and have bought and as well traded their vehicles with Carafello's and every single one loves it including my self. ive been ripped off before by one dealership as they charged me double price of value for a work and labor for mechanic cost as well just buying a car off of them which was way out of its league of value. Now the tremendous difference between the two can only be compared with two things the dealership i got ripped off of whom only cared for profit and nothing more. and then theres Carafellos who actually is there to help, support, as well make the experience you have there be the one thing youre anxiously looking forward to in life. im not a first time car buyer, when i back from deployment i decided to trade in my car for something a little sporty and they happened to have one on the lot. i traded my Accord for the 350z and i still currently have it crafellos has always been good to me from the day i first stepped on to the lotand got my first car to the day i came back seeking for more adventure of getting a second. Carafellos has hands down not just better deals for customers...BUT A HEART TO MAKE THEM SMILE AND BE HAPPY. i am a happy two time customer and infact over the two years i dont consider myself a customer i consider them Great mentors who help you start on the right foot and are always there to help you get back on your feet. tell me and infact show me another dealership with as much pride and selflessness to help others. because its obvious not a single soul can beat the one dealership i truely appreciate for everything they have helped me with. these are warm hearted people who welcome anyone with open arms and treats them with every ounce of love respect and dignity in their bodies. they arent just dealerships to me, they are a family i dont have.

zackary sharpe
Virginia Beach, VA
2008 BMW 335i

These guys are great!!!! I came in with an old beat up malibu and traded it in, they gave me top dollar for the trade and put me in a bmw!!! i put 30,000 miles on it before came across my first problem with it. i called them up and they helped cover the cost for the part i needed, now if you can tell me of another used car dealership that does that then you're lucky these guys know what there talking about and will help you out in any way they can. im not going anywhere else for a car. a coustamer for life

Alexis Vera
Virginia Beach, VA
2012 6 Mazda

I 100% recommend Ryan's car dealership to anyone looking to purchase a car in the area. Him, along with all of the other employees, were extremely helpful in me purchasing the car and at no time did I feel like i was being scammed.

Caitlin Keith
Norfolk, VA
2010 toyota Corolla

Bought my first car from these fine gentlemen, so naturally I wasn't sure what I was looking for. Ryan, in particular, was extremely helpful and never attempted to scam me for my money. Showing me only cars he knew I could afford, He exceeded my expectations tremendously.

kareem butt
norfolk, VA
2013 nissan Altima

i have never had a problem with this dealership! i would recommend anyone and everyone go to carafello's auto sales for their car buying experience.

2008 VW EOS

Since day one, i have had the best experience with buying a car! no gimmicks or sweet talking, no pressure at all! I worked with Chad and even after having my car no matter what i needed or whatever time it was Chad would answer and take care of it, no questions. I won't go anywhere else. I have been taken care of above and beyond with the whole experience and couldn't have asked for. Thank You so much for making this journey an easy one, and I'll be back!! love how i can count on you to really make this whole thing stress free!!

Hunter Harris
2011 hyundai sonata

My experience here was great. As first I wanted a caddillac cts but financially I wouldn't be able to afford it.they talked sense into me to getting the hyundai sonota 2011 due to their military friendliness. This place has great for all military personell.

katie fradette
norfolk, VA
2007 ford f350 super duty

Brought my truck into the dealership and told them what happened and they had it taken in and looked and and i got it back a week later and it drives like a dream now... Carafellos auto sales just paid $1,359 to help get my diesel truck right!!!! These guys are amazing I recommend all my friends and family to Carafello's there awesome!!!

robert hicks
2010 chevy malibu

The employees at Carafellos offer great customer service and have great vehicles to choose from. The down to earth feel and the sincerity you get from everybody is unbeatable, it definitely made buying my first car easier and stress free. They were able to save me over $200 on my insurance! These guys are incredible highly recommend anyone looking for a car to come to this place!!!!

davontae partee
norfolk, VA
2010 chevy impala

my experience with carafellos has been amazing from the first day i walked on to the lot highly unsure if getting a car was a good decision or not. Ryan and all the guys in the building do a really good job of making something that is completely foreign to a customer very simple. they put me in a car that is perfect for my financial situation and now everyday i get into my impala i am very thankful that i have met these wonderful group of gentlemen. they got t be one of the best car dealerships in Norfolk.


2007 toyota Camry

Great Car and Great Guys. Chad and the guys helped me figure out what was in my budget and test drove a few cars until we found the right one. Love my Toyota and Its great for my family. Would recommend them to anyone.


I purchased as Pontiac G5 from Carafello's Auto Sales and the customer service that I received there was awesome. They took real good care of me and I'm pleased with my vehicle!

norfolk, VA
2006 AUDI A4

I purchased my car from carafellos auto sales 8 months ago and my started over heating so i brought it to them carafellos auto sales paid half of the bill to have my car fixed even though its been 8 months since ive purchased it last but not least this is why i recommend my fellow ship mates to do business with this dealership. thank you carafellos auto sales for helping me with my car.

jason carter
norfolk, VA
2008 mazda 6

i purchased a 2008 mazda6i from another car dealership in VA, and after only two months of driving it the clutch burnt out and it was gonna cost me a around $1500 from the dealership i purchased it from to get it fixed. then one day i stopped by carafellos auto sales on virginia beach blvd with a buddy of mine who heard nothing but good things and i started talking to ryan and his brother chad and they offered to help me get it fixed for less, even though they had nothing to do with selling me my car. after a few weeks time my car was good as new and it only cost me $800. i couldnt be more grateful. i would recommend anyone and everyone to stop by here at carafellos and see how good and honest these guys really are!

Vaughn Laursen
Fort myer, VA
2004 mitsubishi lancer

The gentleman at Carafellos helped me out with everything. this being my first actual car i was so lost at some of the things other dealers had been telling me.Chad and Ryan both helped me get the best price for the car and insurance thank you both you guys

terressa wright
norfolk, VA
2010 Dodge dakota

Im airman wright and i really wanted this truck,everyone told me i couldnt get it. navy fed wouldnt approve me but the guys at carafellos auto sales fought for my loan and got me into the truck i have always wanted. these guys are AWESOME!!!!

Robert Weaver
2009 Dodge Caliber

After my recent vehicle purchase at Carafellos, I will definitely say it was a great experience. The salesmen were very helpful with selecting a vehicle for me and after dealing with shady car dealers in the past this is a nice refreshing change to how I look at dealerships now. To anyone who is looking for a vehicle, I would recommend stopping by and seeing whats here. Nice variety of cars/trucks to select from, Something to fit everyone's style.

Sirsamuel Corley
2006 chevy cobalt lt

I recently purchased my first vehicle here at Carafello's. the employees were very knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. All and all the comfortable vibe that's been given made me feel great about my choice.

Phillip Benyamen
2009 VW GTI

I went to the VW dealership for my sunroof repair. Their price was $3000 for 3 little parts and labor put together. I purchased the car almost 1 year ago! I called Ryan and he helped me save thousands of dollars, taking the time outta his day to make sure I get the lowest price possible. It only cost me $525!!!He is the man!!!


bad credit no problem they def worked with me and got me all the way together.... driving off the lot full of joy in my 06 BENZ!!!!

Charles Clarke
Chesapeake, VA
2007 Nissan MAXIMA

Refreshingly honest car dealer! A great experience from start to finish...definitely a model for all dealerships to emulate. Would definitely recommend this dealer to friends and family.

john noe
norfolk, VA
2004 pontiac grand prix

I had my 2004 Gr Prix GT for roughly two months. I put over 2,000 miles on the car went home a couple times etc. My wife and I were very nervouse to purchase a car in VA but dealt with Ryan at Carafello's Auto Sales he helped us get financed and couldn't be happier. Two months after I purchased the car my cv axle and transmission went in the car! We called Ryan and he said " no worries what so ever, I told you I wont just leave you right out there". Even though my car was outta the 30 days or 1,000 mile warranty Ryan paid half of everything the tow transmission cv axle etc. He dished out over $1,300 to help my wife and I !!! No questions asked I recomend EVERYONE to Ryan at carafello's auto sales. Miltary welcome he wont do you dirty.

Mitch Lemke
Virginia Beach, VA
2002 Mercedes Kompressor

I moved to Virginia Beach in October of '09, I ha been without a car for two years, it was a pain. I got here and my buddy took me out here to look at the cars Ryan had. I had seen the Mercedes out there and fell in love with it. Awesome car, I had no problems. Carafello's Auto Sales is a great dealership. Ryan really helps out his customers if they need any sort of help. People that had bought theirs cars years ago still come back here. Great customer service and Wednesdays Ryan has Hooters night, free drinks and wings. The one thing that really makes this dealership stand out is that they wouldn't try to sell you a car you really can't afford, and they will go out of their way to help you out if you get into trouble. Even if its at four in the morning. By far the best dealership I've ever seen, three thumbs up... yeah think about that one.

James Dolan
Virginia Beach, VA
2003 nissan sentra GXE

Hey whats going on, my name is james i bought my first car here back in November. Its a 2003 nissan sentra with very low miles. For my first car I'm not at all complaining, it runs great and in great condition. I really do recommend this place to all the dealership have great customer service and its very homie, I come up here just to hang out most of the time. O by the hooters on wednesday night is off the chain ha. SO don't be shy come on down to VA motors you won't regret it.

Jillian Campbell
virginia beach, VA
2005 hyundai tiburon

This place actually helped me out more then i thought they would. One of my friends from work brought me here n i was just gonna look around. but to my amazement they sat me down and told me everything. i never thought getting my first car would be so easy and fun to! They found me everything from the cars i was able to get to getting my insurance. i came in one day and left the same day with an awesome car a 2005 tiburon gt v6 with a body kit! they are awesome and i would recommend them to anybody. they work with anyones situation n make it so easy. it was worth the visit here. because i dont have to ask for anymore rides i got my own! deff 100% realible!

Wilbur Landaverde
Alexandria, VA
2002 AUDI A6 3.0 QUATTRO

Ryan Carafello is an awesome car dealer. when you want a car he can get it for you. He has the best prices known to man! every other wednesday we have hooter night it's an awesome time! you hang with all the other customers and eat wings and sodas! if you are ever i any kind of car troubles all you have to do is call him and he'll find a way to help. OORAH! AUDI!!!

Josh Adams
Norfolk, VA
2006 GMC Sierra

I arrived to Norfolk, Carafello's auto sales 14th of 2009 and had a truck 89' that was a big pain. I ended up blowing the motor and taking it to a mechanic shop to get it fixed. For that next month i was without a vehicle. My buddy on the ship took me out that night for dinner and said he had to stop down at the dealership (Carafello's auto sales) where he had bought his car to talk to Ryan about Hooters Night which is every other wendsday. So i rode with him and had no intentions of buying a car at all.We arrived and i ended up looking around and then decided well im out of a car so i might as well and it will help build my credit and it would be my first. Well i ended up getting into a 2006 GMC Sierra which is a beautiful truck. Low payments and the insurance and the tags and title were already taken care of by ryan. No down payment no nothing and i drove off the lot that night. But Hooters night is every other wendsday, Ryan spend $1300 and u spend nothing and can invite whoever you want. He is a caring guy and this is the best dealership around i have brought him 6 other customers. You want to see him...


Carafello's auto sales is a great dealership. The service and the people here are amazing. I got stationed on NAS oceana back in August and made the unfortunate mistake of going to a shady dealership. I ended up getting put in a car I could not afford. Luckily I got out of it, but was left without a car once again. One of my friends recommended Carafello's auto sales. I came down and they took care of me. Put me in a nice car that I could afford. They really helped me being a first time car buyer by taking care of everything. No down payments, they set me up with the insurance and took care of the DMV. Ended up taking it home that night. Had my car about 6 months and its the best car I've ever owned. The people here are a second family for me. I have even invited them to my wedding. Carafello's auto sales is a great place. ADAN SCHEIDEMANTEL 3-13-10